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Welcome to the home of Washington State wrestling photography. Thanks to all that have been supportive over the last six years. 50,000 pictures and many miles...

I hope that I give the wrestling community more than I took from it as a wrestler. I greatly value the friendships that I have developed. I appreciate so many people in the world of wrestling that I can't even start to make a list, but by far, I want to thank Dave Gilbertson who gave me an opportunity to share my pictures on his website. Huge appreciation to the individuals that comprise the Board of Directors for WSWA, especially the Bullards. Thanks to the media staff at USA Wrestling. Much appreciation to all the magazines, newspapers and websites, both locally and nationally who publish my work. Thanks also to all the coaches, parents, and most of all the wrestlers, because that is who I really do all of this for.

Many people think that I make my living from taking pictures. Quite to the contrary, I spend most of the discretionary income from my daytime job in order to do this. I make the investment so that wrestlers have something to show (literally) for their efforts. I hope that you will contact me with any comments or concerns. Enter HERE and enjoy!.